Compliance 101

IT Data Security Compliance should be a priority for any organization that handles private data.  While most mature organizations understand the importance of data security, many still do not recognize or appreciate the full scope of their responsibilities – particularly as it relates to properly remediating offline data at EOL or EOSL.

These days, most customer data stored on corporate hardware is considered to be ‘sensitive and confidential’, meaning, its unwanted exposure or leakage can result in loss of business, customers, money, reputation, and even litigation.  This is why IT Data Security Compliance should be a priority. 

At the same time, U.S. and international regulators are stepping into the breach and requiring companies to secure data throughout the life cycle of their equipment – even at EOL or EOSL.

And while some small and mid-sized businesses may feel like they are unlikely targets for a data breach, the reality is that cybercrime is deadly to small businesses, with 60% closing operations within six months of an attack.  

A significant data breach can ruin a company’s reputation and even drive it to bankruptcy. Stricter government regulations (i.e., GDPR.) also dictate how electronic information must be stored, secured and remediated at EOSL.

The problem is getting worse. There were over 1,300 significant data breaches in 2017 versus fewer than 200 in 2005

IT Data Security Management

Businesses risk significant penalties for non-compliance - even at EOSL

So what?

Choosing the right IT partner can be a career-defining proposition.

CIOs and other IT leaders need to do their homework before selecting a ITAD provider or a partner for any other IT activities.  Make sure to take the time to review certifications, facilities and processes before selecting a partner.  

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