Understanding ITAD

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If you’re searching for a way to dispose of your old equipment, a well-defined approach to managing Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) is necessary for protecting your data, maximizing value recovery, and controlling your assets. In order to comply with regulations, manage potential risks, and dispose of obsolete equipment, we adhere to best practices for data destruction and remediation.

What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?

ITAD is the responsible decommissioning, recycling and repurposing of End of Life (EOL) computer IT and hardware assets. The end of an asset’s lifecycle typically includes documenting and handling, but improper destruction can leave companies exposed to legal action.

The certified ITAD professionals at Aegis Solutions provide services to dispose of your assets safely. Some examples of these services include:

  • Secure data destruction
  • Chain of custody documentation
  • Environmentally friendly e-waste recycling
  • On-site hard drive shedding
  • Program management
  • Relocation services

Compared to vendors that focus on commodity scrap and e-recycling, professional IT asset disposition teams at Aegis Solutions provide more robust and sophisticated services. By keeping up with current laws and regulations, ITAD service providers will ensure that your IT assets are disposed of responsibly.

Key Elements of Data Disposition Plans

When upgrading hardware, embracing a new strategic plan or retiring software applications, there are several key elements that you need to consider when deleting important data. IT organizations that can create a concise plan will have more success with prioritizing action items, anticipating any problem areas, and recognizing what kind of help is needed.

Data Destruction

After project managers have ensured that data is transferred correctly into your new system, data that’s been stored on old equipment can be destroyed. In order to ensure all your data is destroyed correctly, and that your business complies with future audits, the ITAD professionals at Aegis Solutions provide appropriate verification and documentation.

Hiring the Right ITAD Partner

Using Aegis Solutions’ ITAD services can help streamline your disposition plan, file appropriate reports, and maximize the value of your assets. Some of the major benefits of using ITAD professionals to manage your processes include:

  • Improved inventory management by counting IT assets, labelling them correctly, and disposing of insufficient equipment
  • Responsible data destruction compliant with most current mandates
  • Avoid costly legal implications, trust-breach or PR challenges
  • Lowered logistics costs through efficient reporting and professional handling
  • Maximized value recovery by reselling or refurbishing old electronic waste

While a new system likely provides an upgrade in technology, there are advantages to ensuring that your old system is properly disposed of. With Aegis Solutions’ ITAD professionals, you can be sure that your data disposition plan is efficient, compliant and cost-effective.

Data Remediation

While data destruction focuses on the removal of data from assets, the aim of data remediation is to organize and purge migrating data so that systems are fit for current operations. The process of data remediation typically involves detecting and correcting inaccurate records and deleting unnecessary information.

While each company may have a different reason for data remediation, some of the common factors involved in making the decision to simplify data streams include:

  • Moving to a new system or business process re-engineering
  • Evaluating human errors
  • Incorporating large-scale enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Eliminating personally identifiable information
  • Managing mergers and acquisitions activity

It’s often difficult for business and IT managers to plan fluent data remediation activities effectively. Some of the reasons for this mishandling of data include the inability to plan, a lack of established data ownership, or arguments over cost allocation.

No matter what reasons your business might have for IT asset disposition, your remediation processes should be clear: Your business group is responsible for identifying important processes, making decisions about its data, and defining the quality of your company’s information.

Trusting Your ITAD Needs to Aegis Solutions

 At Aegis Solutions, we understand that data destruction and remediation can be performed in a variety of ways, based on the specific needs of your business. Some of the most common services we provide include:

  • Decommission IT assets at your location
  • Inventory reconciliation of retired assets
  • Data destruction services
  • Packing of assets and transport to processing facilities
  • Receipt and logging of assets into an inventory tracking system
  • Asset reuse and/or recycling based on asset condition and age
  • Inventory reporting and certificates of data destruction

Aegis Solutions offers both electronic and physical remediation services, while working directly with each client individually to determine which process is best for their needs. We provide best in class services for compliant, secure, environmentally responsible handling of EOL IT Assets.Our partnership with White Canyon Software provides our team with the ability to stay current on all of the latest updates, releases and requirements in addition to staying informed about the latest in proper security protocols and “need to knows” with new product releases. An example of our latest security developments can be found here.

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