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At Aegis Solutions, we take a holistic approach to managing our clients’ IT infrastructure. Unlike most of the other firms in the industry, we have tailored our service offering to support our clients’ needs across the full life-cycle of their IT investments,

While we begin working with customers at any point in the life cycle of their hardware assets, we still bring the same philosophical approach to our customer relationships.  We strive to save our clients as much money as possible and to develop long-term partnerships that deliver value year after year.

So if you are an Enterprise IT leader looking for data destruction, data remediation, electronic recycling, TPM or anything in between, Aegis Solutions is your one-stop-shop for IT asset lifecycle management.

Offline Asset Management

Third Party Maintenance

IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Buyback

Valuation and Buyback

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Offline Asset Management

Pro-Active management of offline hardware assets can provide significant savings over the life-cycle of your IT stack.

You are not alone if your organization does not have a system in place to manage your offline IT assets.  Our proprietary software platform ‘Aegis Asset Protect’ was specifically developed specifically for decommissioning and retiring IT Assets from your production environment and inventory.

Third-Party Maintenance (TPM)

Third-Party Maintenance done the right way. Responsive, technical expertise.

Aegis Solutions Maintenance programs offer clients the flexibility to extend the life of assets that are critical to production environments and day to day operations, all while enhancing the customer experience. 

Our team of dedicated engineers and SMEs is what enables Aegis to provide customers with proven solutions ranging from design to deployment, to install and support for legacy or EOL gear.  By being vendor agnostic Aegis is able to supply the best in solutions and services as they relate to the client’s needs while delivering saving between 40% to 50% to that of OEMs.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Picking the wrong partner for ITAD can be a career-limiting decision. Don’t let it happen to you.

While term ITAD is widely used, many business and IT leaders do not fully understand or appreciate the enterprise-level risks on non-compliance with the regulations and requirements of off-line data security.  Aegis Solutions is fully certified in all aspects of e-waste recycling, data destruction, and data remediation. Our best-in-class staff and facilities are laser-focused on the proper disposition for retired IT assets.

Valuation and Buy Back

We offer a free assessment and valuation for assets designated for retirement and disposition.

Our buy-back program provides clients with the ability to receive an ROI on qualifying assets that can be issued directly to the organization or used as a flex-spend for other services being provided by Aegis.  By leveraging our partnerships and industry experience Aegis has been able to provide the highest returns for assets that retain value in the secondary markets. If your organization is preparing to decommission, retire or dispose of IT Assets no longer in production call one of our representatives to discuss how Aegis can assist!

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