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Offline Asset Management

Pro-active asset management of hardware can provide significant savings over the life-cycle of your IT stack.


of large companies do not proactively manage offline IT assets

An organization’s IT infrastructure is one of the biggest investments made and the most critical components to staying in business for companies of all sizes. Proper offline IT Asset Management is a critical function for any organization and the reality is that less than 40% of large organizations have implemented any type of ITAM program. 

Aegis Asset Protect, our SaaS Asset Management platform is a cloud based IT asset tracking solution designed for businesses of all sizes. By simplifying common operations like adding assets, updating asset detail, and planning for future needs, it allows busy IT professionals to gain control of the assets in their organization while keeping up with other projects.

Asset Protect

How It Works

Using Aegis Asset Protect is easy as one…two…three!

1. Setup

When you activate your instance of Aegis Asset Protect, and log in for the first time, the only administration work you need to do is define your sites and asset classes. All other field values can be added dynamically.

2. Add Assets

After you define your sites and asset classes, you can start adding assets into Aegis Asset Protect. Take advantage of the different methods to register assets for your initial load and when you purchase new assets in the future.

3. Change Owner, Location & More

It is quick and easy to update assets as they undergo changes like changing owner, moving locations, or going offline. You can change asset details or add information to assets you didn't enter during registration.

Taking the Work out of Asset Tracking

For any company operating digitally, tracking and managing their IT assets is critical. It’s also time-consuming and complicated. New employees and offices need new equipment. Outdated and end-of-lease assets need replacing. Assets break, get lost, and are stolen.

Legacy spreadsheets simply can’t keep up. They become inaccurate and unwieldy. Information gets missed and misunderstood. Thus, spreadsheets are rarely up-to-date and not helpful as a strategic resource. They can’t be used for reporting, budgeting, or accounting. A general lack of confidence in the data reflects badly on IT.

But what if you’ve already decided to upgrade from your spreadsheets? You’d be forgiven for thinking that asset management tools for the mid-market are not much better. They suffer from a clunky interface, slow performance and convoluted workflows. Until now.

Single Source of Truth: No more data silos and fragmented spreadsheets. Everything you need to do – add, view, filter, search, edit – is all in one place. Aegis Asset Protect’s grid shows you everything you – and your boss – need to know about every asset you own or lease. 

Painless Audits: Wave goodbye to time consuming audits and manual processing. Aegis Asset Protect automatically maintains a digital audit trail – tracking every action by date, time, and user ID. View the history in real time or create an accurate audit report with push button simplicity.

Effortless Reporting: Generating useful reports is difficult or impossible with Excel. Aegis Asset Protect’s customizable dashboards and reports display real-time information about every asset. Vendor details and financial information helps managers plan for upgrades or disposal, and forecast future costs.

Financial Planning: All assets have a value, and inaccuracies waste money.  Aegis Asset Protect helps you budget, forecast and report on annual IT expenses, contracts and leases, warranties, depreciation, and other important information. You can even set inventory thresholds to know when to order more

Going Green: IT teams are being asked to manage and report on practices ranging from energy consumption to recycling and product disposal. With Aegis Asset Protect, you’ll know which assets are reaching end-of-life, so you can dispose of them properly. Unused resources can be reassigned, rather than buying new equipment.

Features and Benefits of Aegis Asset Protect

Reduce Risk of Losing Sensitive Data and Expensive Hardware

Most companies have no automated way to effectively track offline asset workflow from decommissioning to disposal. Whether it is a server, disk, tape or other asset, the lack of automated tracking can result in the inability to verify where assets are located in the workflow, exposing the company to security risks and potential loss of sensitive data.

IT Asset Management
IT Asset Management

Automated, Standardized Workflow Processes for All Assets

Aegis Asset Protect automates offline IT asset tracking, bridging the gap between online IT asset management activity and the tracking of offline assets to final disposition, helping to validate that all assets have been properly wiped before return, reuse or disposal.  Aegis Asset Protect enables companies to have a closed-loop process for the tracking of their assets to their final disposition destination using bar code or RFID wired and wireless scanners.

Verify End to End Chain of Custody for Easy Reporting

The ability to verify chain of custody is especially important for verifying destruction of assets.   What companies often forget or perhaps don’t know is that they are responsible for their data, not the destruction company.   If an asset is not truly destroyed and gets in the wrong hands, that is the liability of the organization, not the company who was supposed to destroy it.  To maintain control of your assets, every action will be journaled within the system with a date and time stamp so a defensible audit report can be exported to pdf directly from Aegis Asset Protect.

IT Asset Management
IT Asset Management

Quickly Respond to Audits for Total Compliance

Creating and audit trail is an inherent part of Aegis Asset Protect.  Every action is journaled within the system with a date and time stamp so a defensible audit report can be exported to pdf directly from Aegis Asset Protect.  You can also upload and include essential files for your audits, such as Certificates of Destruction, or COD’s, for example. Assets can also be reported on individually for interrogation of a specific asset.

Easily Locate Assets for Quick Lookup

All assets within Aegis Asset Protect stored in single, central repository.  If an organization has many different locations all assets within those locations can be stored in one single Aegis Asset Protect system.  Entering or scanning the asset id will pull up all attributes of the asset. Easily sort and report on assets that have like attributes, such as asset type, location, or status.  Save your result set with the click of a button.

IT Asset Management

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